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in 4th grade we were making clay pots in art and our teacher kept saying “make them thinner! those are too thick they won’t work” so we made them thinner and when she put then in the kiln they all exploded and she told us it was our fault because we made them too thin and if that doesn’t describe the school system i don’t know what does

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Brothas y’all alright?
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Sistas, how y’all feel?
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Dope AF.

Thank you for my new screen saver. Lol.

I wish I had thought of this.
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I am going to make it."
• Six Word Story by Ash Ayanna (via ashayanna)
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I’ve been waiting for you…😌👌💙 #yusss #imready #idkifmyprofessoristhough #vsco #vscocam #health #medicine #sports #anatomy