Remember that time Disney made a live-action Cinderella adaptation with THREE WOC main characters — including Cinderella herself  and Whitney Houston’s Fairy Godmother — and a Filipino Prince Charming? And they didn’t spend a single second explaining through dialogue or sly witicism why they were cast that way, and the whole movie went on like it would with white actors and actresses, and the two main relationships were interracial and it was AMAZING?
Me, too.

i don’t think u understand my love for brandi’s cinderella like it’s possibly the greatest movie ever

this movie was so fucking perfect

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. We’re backsliding hard from the 90s.

This is the only Cinderella movie I care about. Besides the AWESOME diverse casting, the music was also great. 

This is the ONLY Cinderella
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Upper East Side - New York City - New York - USA (von Vivienne Gucwa)
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Him: I don’t date black women. It’s just a preference.

Me: Based on what?

Him: Nothing, it’s just how I feel.

Me: Impossible, deliberate aversions come from somewhere.

Him: Its just a preference, that’s all.

Me: No, a preference is preferring broccoli to asparagus. You can say that because asparagus will always taste the same, even when prepared differently.

Him: And?

Me: And we’re not always the same at all. There are hundreds of millions of us and we’re each completely different from the next. If an employer said not hiring Black people was a preference would you agree?

Him: No, but that’s based on stereotypes.

Me: … And what is yours based on, facts?


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Oh, bitch. Read down!

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Coachella 2014
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the black swan (detail), miami, florida, 1990
© luis castañeda [website], from leica: witness to a century
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How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?"
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